Monday, July 26, 2010

feeling better

I have decided my value for a good day is very different than from before. The last 3 days have been "good days". I have been able to leave the house for short periods, and have greatly enjoyed venturing out into the real world. I still don't have the stomach things figured out yet, hoping for more answers this week. I am also finding better ways of dealing with stomach gas and pain. Therefore, Life is much sweeter and living more comfortable. Thanks again for all your prayers, I will let you know more as the next chemo on august 2ND approaches. I am actually going to have the privilege of teaching a few art classes this week- yippee!
Love you all and Praising God for all his Blessings

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling Sick Again

So yesterday mornings post was a little premature. She started feeling bad again yesterday afternoon and ended up going to the doctor last night. He thinks she has a hiatal hernia so today she had a ct scan to see what is going on. Yes another test and another thing wrong. She is frustrated and just wants to feel better. She has been sick for over a week now and laying around not doing anything. If you know my mom you know that is the complete opposite of her personality. She never stops so laying around and feeling awful has been horrible to her. So please be praying that she feels better and that they can figure out what is wrong and fix it. We should get test results back tomorrow. Also pray for her spirits, things have been hard.

I will try to post tomorrow night if we find out anything new.

In Him,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finally among the living!

Not the start in this chemo Journey that one would hope for.....but I am finally getting better.
Monday and Tuesday of the first chemo week were only about a 3 on a scale of 1-10 ,10 being worst. Then Wednesday -Friday were about an 8-9. Felt like I had been run over and left to my aching bones/joints etc, everything hurt. Like flu on steroids. Some relief with medications and I was able to keep the nausea to a minimum with great drugs. Unfortunately, Friday evening I began what everyone thought was acid reflux. It was really miserable, after taking every medicine on the market for this problem over the weekend. My doctor really didn't think a fungal infection was the problem but decided to prescribe for it 'just in case' on Monday. It was amazing, after my first dose I began to get some relief and after 4 doses I am starting to feel that I will get better. I am still really weak after not eating much and being in bed for 7 days but I am pain free and feeling stronger. Climbing the stairs to my bedroom is still quite a distance but it feels so good to move.
Greg has been amazing and so sweet to me. If some of you were told you couldn't talk to me -know that I didn't want to talk to anyone, Greg was trying to protect me. Allysa is still wonder woman running the business, the house, and anything I ask. Arika has truly come to my side as we needed her to put her life on hold and help me. It's hard being the needy one.
Today I plan on cutting my hair about 2 inches long... It will all be gone in 2 weeks so I think I will do better in stages. I am not allowed to color/highlight my hair so it will probably look totally gray- how's that for looking older! blah Thank you everyone for prayers,cards,e-mails,meals etc. Thanks also for my amazing gift basket that has had so many things I didn't even know I would need -it has been so helpful-thanks, Darla,Heather,Sandy,Patti,Angela, and Chris

I miss you all and hope to see some of you in the near future,
May the Lord richly bless you and your families

Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st Week of Chemo

Thank you all for your prayers. I know a lot of you have tried to call to talk to my mom and I am sorry that you haven't been able to. She is so exhausted and really not feeling good and talking at all just wipes her out. Literally any noise is just too much for her right now. Tuesday was a good day but by Tuesday night she wasn't feeling good and she hasn't felt good since. Today is a little better but Wed-Friday she was not doing good at all. She said she feels like a truck has run her over. Please be praying that she starts feeling better next week and also for her spirits because just laying around all day not feeling good has been hard on her. Also knowing that she is going to have to do this over and over is really affecting her and has been hard.

I know that you all want to talk to her and see how she is doing but right now she can't take it. She knows that you have called and once she is feeling better I know she will try to call some of you back. You all have been so amazing to us and your willingness to help has been overwhelming. We can't thank you enough. The meals we received this week were awesome and took a huge burden off my shoulders so thank you for those of you who helped out with that. I know you all want to help and the best way is prayers. That is what my mom wants and that is what we all need.

Sorry I didn't get to update this sooner and I will try to write more often. Things are just a little crazy and busy around here.

Thanks again,

Monday, July 12, 2010

1st chemo Done!

Thank you so much for praying. It was not a pleasant experience but nothing dreadful. After talking with the nurse, I learned most people have their worst days on day 3 and 4. I feel like I've had enough drugs to kill a horse...but they worked! Other than being exhausted, I feel great! No nausea yet, YEAH!!! It took 8 hours for everything, and hopefully it will be quicker next time.

Two friends spent the morning with me which was a great distraction- Thank You Tammy and Collette. The first attempt at the IV was pretty painful, but the second one made it in and after a few adjustments it was pain free. I had a really great nurse who works Mondays. So hopefully I will see her next time- she now knows how tough my veins are.

Saturday a dear friend who had similar treatment answered all my many questions, this made today so much easier. Thank You Miriam, I really needed your words of encouragement and experience. My favorite quote was from a 10 year old friend of her son when her hair was gone.
"You don't look that bad, but you don't look that good either." I love kids they tell the truth!
I am going to put it on my mirror. Life will go on. I plan on cutting my hair really short next week and then shaving it when it falls completely out. I was told it will most likely be around August 1st, bummer. I will loose my eyebrows and eyelashes too which will make me look like someone from star wars.

I have been reading about Jesus walking on the water and telling Peter to walk to him. Peter does fine until he takes his eyes off Jesus and looks at the imminent danger around him and he starts to drown. That is me, as long as I keep my eyes looking straight at my loving Savior I am safe. When I look at each test result, surgery, medicines, diagnosis, I begin to panic and drown in the waves of danger. Pray that this roller coaster would be less crazy and that I can remember to look to my Savior.
I love you all
Thank you Cal Poly dorm buddies for the wonderful time this weekend. 30 years! Cathy, Patty, Linda, Lori, and Laurel. Happy chemo day? cute message ladies- it made me laugh!

Edited by was on way too many drugs and forgot words needed to make a sentences understandable

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chemo begins monday 12th

so much for Thursday- I am scheduled for this Monday. Chemo takes 4-5 hours and then we will see how the next few days go. I have been encouraged to clear my schedule for the week until I know how my body will respond. They have scheduled me every 3rd Monday until the end of October. the second treatment will be August 2ND. I was scheduled for jury duty-hope this is a good enough excuse!
If there are no delays due to my white blood cell count etc. I will begin radiation 2 weeks after chemo. Radiation will be 5 days a week for 25 days. If there are no problems, I should be finished by Christmas! That is my prayer, Chemo done by Thanksgiving and radiation by Christmas!
Seems like such a long time to be sick and tired but with an eternal perspective it really is very little time. I am a little anxious for monday please pray for peace that surpasses understanding.
As for the neck, there is a chance it is not cancer. My doctors have decided to wait 6 months and do a sonogram and determine if it has grown. If it has it will be removed and will probably be thyroid cancer which requires radioactive iodine for 5 days in isolation. Not to bad after chemo and radiation. Still hoping that it is not cancer and I don't need another surgery.
Blessings to you all
I am so truly encouraged daily through all of you
I thank my God for how much love I have received.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

chemo starting?

I met with the oncologist today. I will begin chemo either this Thursday or the next depending on the availability in the "chemo room". There is actually a room with many chairs where the nurses can observe you for 4-5 hours while you are getting your chemo. For extroverts like me, it might be a nice social time? Chemo will last 18 weeks, 6 treatments every 3 weeks. No one can tell me how sick I will be because every person responds differently. I was told I would most likely be sick 2-7 days-hey morning sickness lasted 3 months maybe it won't be so bad? trying to think optimistically. Today I taught 2 art lessons and went to the doctor- and I am not exhausted- it was a great day! I will let you know more after my appointment is confirmed. Keep praying for the rest of my treatment- tomorrow I meet with the radiologist and the Ear nose and throat doctor.
I have so many doctors ! Thank you ALL for the many cards, flowers, e-mails and messages- I truly appreciate them all, I have never felt so loved by so many- I am truly blessed

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cancer in the Neck

It looks like the cancer in Bonnie's neck is thyroid but the results from her fine needle biopsy came back inconclusive. She will be going to a specialist about the tumor but most likely they will just do the chemo that is already planned. Then once she is done with that they will check to make she the chemo killed it all.

Thanks all for your continued love and support. Bonnie is doing really well and we will know more about what her chemo schedule will be next week. We are just taking everything one day at a time.

Some have asked about meals, if you are interested in helping that way Ceslie Patty is in charge of coordinating that. Her number is 543-7047.

God Bless,